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With everything changing around us, and the reopening of Saskatchewan. We are starting to create our new normal. Whether you want to set up your home office, work on your healthy eating goals, or need some quality me time, we would like to help you make the most of it. Plus, as a CAA Member you can get exclusive savings at our rewards partners in a variety of different categories. Check out the categories below for partners that fit your everyday life. 



Expert advice on how to create a productive workspace at home

An ideal work-from-home setup can increase focus and decrease distractions. Learn how to define your setup by having a designated area, good lighting, reduced noise and more!

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Soak up sunshine and spark curiosity with these 12 outdoor activities for kids!

Make a playdate with Mother Nature and get outside together as a family! Stay safe in the backyard or on the sidewalk with these games, craft, and DIYs for kids of all ages.

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Get on the right path to a better, deeper and longer sleep.

Do you toss and turn throughout the night? If you do, it might be worth considering these useful tips to suit your unique sleep style.

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Feel great and stay healthy with these free virtual workout classes

If exercise is what your physical or mental health needs right now, look no further! Stay active while remaining socially distant with these enticing opportunities.

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