BrandSpark 2019


Canada has voted and CAA is excited to announce that the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards program has recognized CAA as Canada's Most Trusted Travel Insurance Provider. 

Whether you are travelling South or within Canada this winter, CAA wants to ensure that you travel protected with CAA Travel Insurance.

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"In February, while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta my 17-year-old daughter woke up one morning with her whole face swelled up. I immediately called the number on the back of my insurance card and gave them her information, the wonderful lady that answered let me know that it may be possible to have a doctor visit us right at the resort however she would quickly consult with the doctor on staff to see what was recommended. She came back on the line very quickly and said that the doctor on staff felt that it was a likely an allergic reaction and that we should proceed to the emergency room immediately. She gave me my claim number and the name of the hospital that we should go to and advised that it was only 4 km from our hotel. Upon arrival at the hospital I gave the front desk staff our insurance information including the claim number, we were in a room within minutes. The staff at the hospital was amazing. They hooked her up to IV and we spent about 3 and half hours there until the swelling had come down. Once my daughter was done getting dressed a lady in a business suit showed up in our room with a bag holding the prescriptions that she needed to take for the next couple of days, gave us instructions on how they were to be taken and let me know that my insurance company was taking care of the bill and we were okay to leave. It was a scary situation for us however, CAA Choice Care made it so much better."
- Shannon S.

CAA Travel Insurance is affordable and provides peace of mind in the event of an unforeseen emergency. Our plans include:

  • Emergency Medical Single and Multi Trip
  • Non-Medical Plan
  • Deluxe Holiday Package - Single and Multi Trip
  • Non-Medical Package

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CAA Choice Care

CAA Choice care gives travellers convenient ways to seek treatment for minor ailments through Telemedicine1 or House Call services in addition to urgent care or hospital emergency room. AND it comes with your CAA Travel Insurance plan. 




Emergencies are never part of your holiday plan so be sure to spend your vacation building memories, not costly medical bills. Add CAA Travel Insurance to your pre-vacation checklist and know that we've got you covered!